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Be your own boss! We can teach you everything you need to know to create a successful business laying brick, block, and stone. You will learn how to equip, hire, and successfully run a professional organization. You can start small and work your way up. You can start at the top and go international. It’s up to you!

  • Learn how to hire good people and keep them!
  • Learn how to lay 194 8X8X16 colored split face block, jointed on both sides to near-perfect workmanship in one hour and five minutes with one of your good masons.
  • Learn how to get 20-50% or more units in the wall all with top quality workmanship. For some contractors, this could be 100-150% or more units in the wall every day
  • Learn how to lay thin brick and man-made stone that may increase your production 50-150% or more which won’t fall off the building.
  • Union or non-union, and how to have the best of both.
  • How to get money on your receivables (regardless of your credit) so that you can make payroll on Friday and not have to worry about money while you’re waiting 20-60 days to get paid for work you completed last month.
  • How to increase your bottom line by 20-50%. Some start-up contractors could see 100% or more increase.
  • How to determine if you should ever buy cable (crank-up scaffolding) and if so, what brand. This mistake, this myth, will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and will leave you with a bunch of scrap iron.
  • How to put 180′-0″ feet of 6′-4″ walk thru conventional scaffolding, 3 frames high, completely planked, OSHA APPROVED with 2 experienced hardworking scaffold builders (yours) in 6 hours or less. Then later be able to pick it up and move it to the other side of the building, as high as 6 frames high.
  • How to scaffold a ditch and get more production.
  • How to train your old and new workers to be brick/block-laying machines.
  • How to motivate everyone on your payroll to make them think and work as hard as “you the contractor”, and what to say to those who don’t or won’t.
  • The secret of setting up a partnership that works.
  • How to check out a job site before you send your crew so that it will save you money, put extra money in your pocket, earn you a lot of favors, and or all of the above. This information could keep you from going broke, having a stroke, or going to jail. Not knowing this information has bankrupted a lot of good contractors.
  • How to avoid doing extra work for no money.
  • Should you buy your own grout pump, or use a grout pump service?
  • How to grout better and make more money..
  • Know what kind of forklift to buy, new or used, why and how to buy it the right way!
  • How to lower your workers’ compensation rate.
  • Should you keep all your workers on your payroll or hire them through a masonry staffing company?
  • Know whether to rent, lease, or purchase your big item equipment, and why.

When you graduate from this class, you drive home with your truck & trailer and all of your equipment & tools in-hand! Let me repeat this last statement; When you graduate from this class, you drive home with your truck & trailer and all of your equipment & tools in-hand! Some of your standard pieces of equipment will include; a custom truck and trailer, cement mixer, power washer, generator and much, much more!

A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Charlie Cummins will buy back every tool, every vehicle, every piece of equipment he sells if you are not successful. Where else can you find a deal like that? If you are going to sink thousands of dollars into a new venture, wouldn’t it be nice if it came along with a money-back guarantee?  Twenty days or Twenty Years, we will buy it back!

Please contact me ONLY if you are serious about this class. My contact info is listed above under “REPLY”.
I am available 7 days a week to help you submit your application! Thanks for looking and good luck,